Boston Drone Racing

FPV Drone Racing and Hacking Club in Boston


Boston Drone Racing is a first-person view (FPV) quadcopter racing club founded in 2017 at Boston University. This club was initially created to find other pilots and expose others to this very addicting sport. Flying is more fun with friends! The club is currently focused around racing in the tiny whoop class (i.e. a drone with a 1S battery, ducted, and less than 35g) for there affordability and ability to be flown indoors.

Hack Nights

Boston Drone Racing hosts hack nights for members to work on repairs and drone racing related projects. Hack nights bring members together to share, learn and get handles on experience with the engineering and science of drones. Projects include open source radio transmitters, and custom racing drones. This is made possible with a collaboration with our friends at Boston University's hackerspace BUILDS.


Everyone is welcome! To get started you'll need to get setup with a tiny whoop class FPV racing drone, radio transmitter, FPV goggles, and lots of batteries! Check out our Getting Started wiki to learn more. Stop by at one of our weekly meetings or hit us up on Slack if you have any questions.


We meet every Thursday night for races and hack nights. Most meet ups take place in the Boston University Computer Science building. Check out the calendar for the most current information and join our mailing list for announcements. Hope to see you there!